Azimarine is a household name in the field of surface preparations in the Oil/Gas Industry, Marine and Offshore construction, tankcoating work, pipelines and tank farms; aluminum and stainless steel surfaces, stone and concrete cleaning and renovation, We specialize in cleaning, de-rusting and inhabiting of FIRE WATER SYSTEMS, and other pipeline insulators.

Grit Blasting & Coating NOT Non Distructure Test Cathodic Protection (Both Impress & Sacrificial) Cleeks/Anti Corrosion Treatment Surveillance (Surface and Underwater).

Environmental Audits (EA), Water Quality Assessment and Management, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Post Impact Assessment (PIA), Environmental Evaluation Reports (EER), Oil Pollution Monitory (OPM), Oil Spill Clean-up (OSC), Bioremediation of Contaminated Environment (BCE), Hazard Control/Management (HCZ), Meteorological Services (MS), Geolog ical and Geophysical Surveys (GGS), Environmental Design and Modeling (EDM).

Azimarine offers a variety of specialists marine services to the Oil/Gas Offshore Activities. The qualification and experience of our marine personnel coupled with the skills of our office staff and the service of our technical partners enable Azimarine to offer a wide range of marine services with the emphasis on safety quality and economy. To further confirm our well deserved position in this area, Azimarine is currently diving on DP2 Vessel (ARMADA 11) in ExxonMobil Field at QIT field location, Ibeno, Akwa Ibom State.